Caroline "Caro" Alvares is a singer/songwriter of Spanish, Portuguese and Indian descent. The South American rhythms in her tracks were motivated by her biggest inspirations as a child: Shakira and J-Lo. She has been songwriting in Spanglish for over 8 years & formed part of UK girl band Four of Diamonds, being the first girl group to be signed to Virgin EMI since The Spice Girls and have had collaborations with artists such as Burna Boy, Saweetie and Mr Eazi. She is now on a new endeavour in which she has reconnected with her love for song writing in Spanglish and wishes to pursue her own career within the genre once again. Now as a part-time model, all her focus is set on her music and breaking through.


Out Out (Spanglish version) by Joel Corry, Jax Jones, Charli XCX, Caro (Asylum)