Sophia Amato

Sophia Amato is not afraid to be who she is.  An all-encompassing creative whose influences delve deep into her soul, her heritage, and her acute eye of the world that surrounds her, Amato is a visionary with a powerful presence. The London via New York artist weaves threads of pop, R&B, electronica and elements of jazz to form her sonic tapestry, the blended result provides the perfect blanket to her narrations of empowerment, inspiration and awe for the world. Cusping the recent successes of an applaudable collaboration with prestigious music brand, BOSE, Sophia will close 2023 with the release of her boldly impressive 6-track opus, ‘NY/LON’ EP. An enthralling experience of sonic grandeur and visual excitement, the project is a fine demonstration of Amato’s multifaceted nature and innate creativity, destined to see her name land on a number of ‘Ones To Watch’ lists for the coming year.


Glorious Mess EP

Seven Sad Sins

Why You Trying Not To Love Me

Glorious Mess

Vanilla Hype - Tap Tap (3 Beat Records)